Going Banana's for Green Banana!

Why, You Ask..?

Banana's derive from a family of plants called Musa, they grow in particularly warmer areas of the world hence, at our permaculture farm, green bananas grow in abundance! They are then peeled, sliced, dehydrated and milled to form our Organic Green Banana Flour, making it an incredible gluten free food! It is also insanely beneficial for those with IBS or other digestive difficulties.

Let's break it down...literally!

  1. It is high in fibre! Green banana's act as a prebiotic. A prebiotic supports the good bacteria in your gut. This incredible food is an excellent source of resistant starch.

    Resistant starch is a fibre that passes through your gut during digestion, without getting fully digested. As this sits in the large intestines, it eventually gets fermented by the good bacteria giving them the energy to keep your gut healthy!

    Doesn't the human digestive system work in wondrous ways?!

  2. It's packed with a lot of other nutrients too! Our Raw Organic Natural Flour also packs Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Manganese, all of which contribute towards stronger teeth, bones and muscles.

    Just as in all bananas we consume, green bananas are very rich in potassium! It is an important mineral that helps keep the nervous system healthy, aids muscle movement and regulates the amount of water in the body!

  3. It balances blood sugar levels! Unlike the ripe bananas, this green goodness is low in natural sugars. They are picked before they ripen therefore the sugar within it isn't fully matured. High carb foods generally spike insulin levels.

    So remember when your doctor told you to avoid high starch foods..?

    Green banana's resistant starch content slows down the secretion of glucose to the blood, thus making it a brilliant food for diabetics!

  4. Above all, it is GLUTEN FREE! Gluten-intolerant? No problem! Go banana's for our green banana flour! ;)

    We've just given you a gluten free option for your gluten-free diet!

Want some ideas for gluten free foods?

Some gluten free cookies perhaps? Or some gluten free pasta? How about some gluten free cake? Oooh gluten free banana bread? Gluten free pancakes?

The options are endless! Visit our recipes page for some more inspo & recipes from our community!

More nutritional facts & benefits of green banana's.

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