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Thimpika Sachdej, a qualified & registered nutritionist, founded and currently runs Soulsfood Nutrition (@soulsfood_nutrition). A great solution for translating scientific evidence regarding health & nutrition into daily, achievable steps to practice at the comfort of your own home. Soulsfood mainly focuses on the benefits of whole foods and a plant based diet.

Cinnamon - Nature's Gut Tonic

Cinnamon is a spice that most people have in their household and use daily. In fact, it is one of the most widely used herbs in the world! In addition to its multipurpose uses in the kitchen, cinnamon has long been used for the treatment of many diseases and ailments.
Evidence shows that our ancestors have been using cinnamon as a remedy for respiratory and digestive conditions since the 2800 BC. Due to its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, cinnamon may be one of the most powerful nature’s gut tonics!

Cinnamon is a multi-faceted medicinal plant that belongs to the Lauracea family. Over time, about 250 species of cinnamon have been identified, with trees scattered all around the world. Among those species, there are four main types of cinnamon:

  1. Ceylon cinnamon or True cinnamon (this is what we offer at Dhow)
  2. Indonesian cinnamon
  3. Vietnamese cinnamon
  4. Cassia cinnamon or Chinese cinnamon

The difference in various cinnamon types lie in the color, taste and presence of a natural compound called coumarin. Dhow Ceylon cinnamon bark contains the characteristics that are most preferred, being light brown, delicate, mildly sweet and lowest in coumarin (a plant compound often used as a fragrance ingredient) content. This makes it most ideal for cooking and baking.

Benefits of Ceylon cinnamon on gut health...

...Restores the balance in your gut microbiome

According to recent studies, Ceylon cinnamon has shown anti-microbial action against a number of harmful bacteria that reside in your gut. Cinnamon contains a powerful compound called cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and restoring the bacterial ecosystem in your gut. Your gut bacteria is the main driver of your gut health ⎯⎯ they impact digestion and absorption of the food you consume, production of different beneficial compounds and enzymes, as well as your bowel movement and other repair work. This is why it’s important to keep the balance in your gut in check, and Dhow cinnamon bark can help you do just that!

...Calms your stomach down

A study published in 2016 shows that cinnamon has the ability to reduce the secretion of stomach acid and a digestive enzyme pepsin after large meals. This helps to reduce carbon dioxide gas, raise pH, lower metabolic heat and cool your stomach down to a rest state. Collectively, this helps to maintain the integrity and strength of your stomach wall as well as prevent excessive gas and acid build-up. For this reason, cinnamon tea is often recommended as a remedy for digestive discomfort and is especially helpful for people suffering from IBS.

...Protects your intestinal lining

Cinnamon contains powerful antioxidants that help to counteract free radicals in your gastrointestinal tract, thereby promoting the integrity of your intestine. This helps to strengthen your intestinal lining and prevent foreign substances and pathogens from entering your gut, which is often associated with gut inflammation and endotoxemia (high levels of toxins in the gut). Simply put, cinnamon is like a strong brick wall that runs along your intestine, protecting it from harmful foreign bodies and repairing it in times of damage.

Given the benefits of cinnamon on gut health, it’s recommended that you use it in your cooking daily. This will keep your gut healthy and happy!

Dhow cinnamon bark is powerful yet versatile. You can simply add the whole bark to your warm drinks, porridge, rice puddings, stews or blend it in a food processor and sprinkle ground cinnamon into your baked goods, lattes and curries ⎯⎯ the options are endless! For more recipe ideas and inspirations, visit the Recipes page.

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