Did you know Bam-Choco Latte Contributes to blood sugar balance?

Dhow X Hazel & Cacao

Talida, founder of Hazel & Cacao, began her blogging journey to raise awareness about how much diet plays a role towards better hormonal health. She started her journey to help inspire others to 'eat their way to health' because we are, quite literally, what we eat. 

Blood Sugar Balancing Hazelnut Chocolate Latte with Bambara Nuts

Balancing blood sugar and keeping insulin levels in check has quickly become one of the main concerns for women today.

Hormonal imbalance is a given for any woman getting into puberty and reproductive age, but high blood sugar and insulin resistance can prolong hormonal imbalance in irregular ways. Therefore, the more naturally it is controlled, the better. Dhow's range of organic superfoods from, Moringa Powder, Turmeric Powder, Baobab Powder, the very rich Turmeric Latte, or even the decadent, high protein Bam-Choco Latte, naturally contribute to women's health in the most natural ways!

As we know, we are what we eat, therefore diet plays a huge role in many things, including blood sugar management. Cutting down refined sugary drinks is considered a start to managing blood sugar, although it can be hard to find a drink that you can indulge in guilt free...

But we've got the right blend just for you.

The Bam-Choco Latte mix is a delicately spiced blend with a unique African ingredient called the Bambara Nut. It is a great nutritional supplement that can provide more essential amino acids than any other legume! Read more about the Bambara Nut here.

Take a look at how easily you can use this latte mix here.

Instant, easy and absolutely delicious!  


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