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"Tanzanian agripreneur Darpan Pindolia is trying to balance local production with global offerings. The versatile earth in East Africa is his calling card to international success in regenerative farming."

Our facility is based in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, where all our value addition takes place. Dhow's ultimate moto is to really ask; "Where your food comes from?"

Darpan, our founder says; "Whether you are well off or not, ultimately, your appetite is very similar… food is your fuel and it’s really important where it comes from and how it’s grown.” 

We are now a family of over 13,000 customers and growing. Many of them leaving us touching reviews on the impact our organic products have on their health! Our Organic Moringa Powder has proven effective in low iron aneamia & enhanced energy; "Moringa really is something I needed ,and Dhow came through with the goods. I have it on everything I eat. It really helps me as I'm Anemic, Gives me more energy and I'm able to do things for longer than what I use to. So thank you Dhow ." - Makereta Drotini

Improving health naturally with pure ingredients is rooted in the background of the brand. Several generations have learnt about the benefits of herbal remedies for ailments commonly experienced and now the vision lies on making Dhow the solution to those ailments. Struggling with blood sugar? high blood pressure? Digestive health? We have just the right recommendations for you. 

Farming practices, the quality of care from farm to fork & the purity of African soil defines and differentiates Dhow Foods from the rest. All while maintaining the richness within the foods so as to ensure our community consumes the best for their health, and in turn, helps the local farmers nourish and protect the quality of their farms with necessary returns for their livelihoods. 

Socially, environmentally & economically; we are a responsible business, with absolute transparency. Learn more about the impact we make.

Our background, challenges and achievements are featured in Forbes Africa, read it here

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