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Moringa: The Powerhouse Of Energy

16 Mar 2022

Scene 1:

The alarm goes beep. Beep…beep & you groggily try reaching out to it & tell yourself, just a few minutes more …the alarm is put on a snooze mode…Even after the repeated snoozes you still wake up tired, grab yourself a cup of coffee, get into the shower, get dressed (not necessarily in that order) before rushing off to work or getting into your routine….

Scene 2:

It’s mid-afternoon & your body/mind is craving for a much-needed rest. You want to doze off even if it’s for a few minutes during a meeting (it’s probably happened a few times already). You tell yourself a good strong cup of coffee will put you back into action immediately & head over to the pantry.

Do you relate to any of these scenarios? If yes? How often?

Are you constantly tired? Fatigued? Do you wonder how the rest of the world is just functioning so efficiently when all you want to do is just lie down in your bed & not do anything!

Well, here’s some good news; you are not alone!

Feeling fatigued daily is one of the most common health issues that an adult has to deal with, next to diabetes & hypertension. Almost everyone experiences this at some time but when it becomes a daily occurrence, there is likely a larger issue at hand which needs medical attention.

Doctors usually classify Fatigue into Physical & mental. To put it in simple words Physical fatigue is when you find it hard to do physical things like climbing stairs (which was easy for you earlier)

Mental Fatigue is finding it harder to concentrate on things & staying focused. Feeling sleepy at work or mind wandering away could be some of the symptoms.

Of course, one has to rule out the obvious reasons, like is physical fatigue because of gaining weight? Are you finding it difficult to stay awake during the day because you haven’t been sleeping well at night?

Rule out the obvious before jumping to conclusions!

Being tired once in a while is normal but being in a zombie mode all the time is not! If you are constantly struggling to be in wellness mode, I have a miracle solution.

What if I told you that, you no longer have to feel constantly fatigued! On the contrary, you could waltz through the day like a superman/superwoman.

Before that let us understand why you feel fatigued?! One of the most common reasons for fatigue is low levels of iron in your body. Your body needs iron to create haemoglobin, a protein that is needed to enable red blood cells to carry oxygen to your organs. Without iron, oxygen delivery slows down & you start feeling fatigued.

So, what you need is a shot of iron when you feel tired, but what do you reach out for in such cases? A coffee or an energy drink? Not only are their effects short term but they can make you feel more drained once their effect wears off which is pretty quick.

Let’s look at one such potent iron shot called “Moringa”. The Moringa Oleifera leaves are one of the richest natural sources of Iron. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, 40 different anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories & 92 phytonutrients. It’s like having a nutrient-rich power-packed meal sufficient to make you run a full marathon!

Tryptophan is one of the most abundant amino acids in Moringa powder. Tryptophan is needed by your body to help synthesize protein. Sadly, our body cannot produce tryptophan, hence it has to be obtained from our diet. Tryptophan helps to produce serotonin & niacin. Serotonin is a very important neurotransmitter that helps with mood regulation, anxiety & happiness. In most people diagnosed with major depressive disorders, serotonin levels are low. (That’s the culprit if you are feeling low)

Since Moringa is abundant in the amino acid tryptophan, just imagine how much your body is going to benefit with a daily dose of it. Not only will it help in improving the iron content which will regulate the Fatigue levels, but it will also improve your general mental well-being & help you handle daily stress levels better. 

It doesn’t stop with serotonin, Moringa also contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6. Vitamin B6 is particularly known for its role in energy & mood elevation as it helps the body synthesize not just serotonin but also dopamine & GABA. Innumerable scientific studies worldwide have irrefutably proved that a B6 deficiency is linked to chronic fatigue, depression & many such mood disorders. Having a daily dose of Moringa will ensure that your body maintains a healthy dose of this very important Vitamin.

As you are reading this, you might be wondering that I eat well, my diet is rich so why do I need an extra supplement? But think about it a little mindfully, do we really count the Vitamin sources? We may look at the macro elements & try to ensure that our body gets the needed protein (that’s a tough task in itself, let me add). Hidden hunger” is one of the key reasons for fatigue that doesn’t get addressed easily.

Don’t forget that Moringa is also rich in 40 different anti-oxidants which means that it protects your body from oxidative stress. I have discussed the anti-oxidant role of moringa in an earlier article so will just cover the gist of it here. The anti-oxidant role reduces the ageing process of the body which means your mental health & faculties remain healthier even as your biological age increases.

Take the intelligent step today by adding this iron shot of Moringa to your daily routine so that you can put a snooze to the snooze button routine & face the day invigorated with energy.

Here are some great, easy recipes to help bump up your energy using our very organic, nutrient-dense moringa powder!

Dhow X Dr Priya Cholayil

A pharmacy graduate with expertise in Alternative medicine. Having spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry now finding answers/solutions to various health conditions in alternative medicine. Investing time & thought into studying Superfoods with an MD in alternative medicine specializing in Dietetics & Nutrition.

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