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3 Easy, Delicious Moringa Blends!

16 Feb 2021

An all-in-one kind of green that is packed with vitamins and minerals. Moringa contributes to various conditions in the human body. It can help lower cholesterol, keep blood glucose in check and may also reduce high blood pressure. If you haven't already read about Dhow's Organic Moringa Powder from farm to finish, read the article here.

Finding ways tasty ways to factor moringa powder into your diet can be a challenge, but we got you!

Moringa, Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

 1 cup of almond milk (or other dairy free milk of your choice)
🍓 1/2 a cup of frozen strawberries
🍌 1/2 a banana
🥬 1 handful of spinach
🍯 1 teaspoon of honey
🌿1 teaspoon of moringa powder

Blend everything above and add sliced strawberries 🍓 , blueberries 🫐 and coconut shavings 🥥 on top and enjoy! 😋


The Green Machine

🥛 1/4 cup oat milk
🥬 100 grams spinach
🥝 1 kiwi 🤤
💧 1.5 cup water
🌿 1/2 tsp Dhow moringa powder 
🧊 handful of ice
squeeze of agave syrup
🍋 squeeze of lemon juice

The Green Smoothie Bowl

🍌 🍍 🥭 Frozen fruit mix; banana, pineapple, mango & kale
🍌 Extra frozen banana
🌿 1 tsp moringa powder
2 tbsp vanilla protein
2 tbsp yogurt
🥛 A splash of milk to blend

Blend until smooth and creamy. Top it off with our organic chia seeds, frozen berries, granola, some yogurt and crunchy peanut butter! 

Enjoy these simple blends to get your required daily moringa intake! A perfect supplement that mixes well with a lot of flavours! 

TOP TIP: Our other supplements such as, organic baobab powder, organic high curcumin turmeric powder and our organic ginger powder are also great add ons to smoothies!

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