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Green Cardamom Pods - Premium (50g)


Our Green Premium Cardamom is sourced from the forests of the Amani Nature Reseve in Tanzania.

Green Cardamom is a very different the brown traditional Cardamon.

To maintain the color naturally, it has to be processed within 24 hrs of picking.

This gives it a deep sweet aroma and intense flavor that is not found traditionally.

Cardamom makes a great addition to hot drinks, curries, desserts and is used particularly in Biryani dishes to give them the Wow factor.

It's also a great natural way to keep your mouth fresh!

Cardamom also contains antioxidants & phytochemicals with gives it anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Visit our Recipes Page to get amazing ideas on how our customers (Dhowies) are using the product.

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Green Cardamom Pods - Premium (50g)
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