We are Featured in The Vegan Review!

Dhow Nature Foods is truly an unique innovative business. We believe in providing only the purest, natural, organic & vegan foods to our consumers across the world while making sure, we make a positive Impact on the farmers that feed us.

Our unique story was recently featured on The Vegan Review by Olivia Rafferty, read it here. 

Our Positive Social Impact business model ensures no one is left behind and is totally guilt free! 

Our unique farming practice of practicing regenerative and permaculture practices and educating farmers on the same ensures that our raw material quality is exceptional and this shows in the reviews we get from our consumers. 

Partnering with some world class organisations, such as the 

1. Jane Goodall Foundation 

2. United Nations Global Compact Program

3. German Development Agency 

4. International Trade Center (UN)

Dhow Nature Foods has the potential to really Impact the communities in East Africa. An Example of one of our projects focused on conservation is below

You can learn more about the Impact you make when you buy a Dhow Nature Foods product here.

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