Turmeric for hormone imbalance

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Talida, founder of Hazel & Cacao, began her blogging journey to raise awareness about how much diet plays a role towards better hormonal health. She started her journey to help inspire others to 'eat their way to health' because we are, quite literally, what we eat. 

Turmeric for period pain, endometriosis & oestrogen Dominance: A hormone supporting food!

"While adding turmeric to foods like curries, lattes and various other dishes is beneficial for everyone, taking turmeric therapeutically may prove to be beneficial for a few different female concerns: From the research available to us, it seems that turmeric is most beneficial for women suffering from period pain or primary dysmenorrhea, endometriosis and oestrogen dominance."

Curcumin has long been used to fight inflammation and pain by many health professionals. However turmeric has many other nutrients that makes it a great supplement for hormonal support in women!

Turmeric's anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties can do wonders for period pain and those with endometriosis. Turmeric is both a liver and mild digestive support, helping to clear out excess oestrogen and reduce premenstrual symptoms, therefore being the perfect supplement to ease oestrogen dominance! 

Nonetheless, turmeric is a superfood everyone should consume or add into their daily diets! Besides, a turmeric latte can always be a great treat before bed and think about the good it does?! 

Want to know a secret ingredient to make our Organic Turmeric Latte taste even better than it already is?!

Check out the full article and the recipe here.


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