'The Best Ethical Brand'- Awarded by Marie Claire

A message from our Founder: "It gives us great pride to be an African based brand that won the UK Marie Claire Award, being able to undertake all the value addition in Tanzania enables us to make a much bigger impact on society and lead by example in sustainable practices such as compostable packaging, zero waste factory, using renewable energy, sustainable farming practices. We want to show that we can be a world leading business based out of Africa and this is a great external acknowledgement of the same"

Dhow Nature Foods began with a strong foundation that was built from the values held for the environment. The founding family continues to hold utmost respect for the gifts nature has to offer, from which, stemmed their passion for herbal supplements; believing that nature had, and still can, have it’s own way of protecting health and boosting overall wellness. Sharing that with the world was inevitable.

But of course, the principal of giving and receiving applies in our relationship with the environment and just as much with farming communities that feed us. Dhow embodies exactly that. From farm-to-finish, ethical practice and environmental responsibility is the fundamental principle. With transparency at the core of what we do!

Our regenerative permaculture farming practice ensures the maintenance of a natural ecosystem within the farm to let plants thrive without the need of mass deforestation. Just as in a rainforest cycle; each layer of canopy has a role to play, the large trees at the farm were left for the next layer of greens to depend on. We believe implementing cycles that have been set by nature are part of environmental responsibility; throughout our manufacturing process, all the nutrient dense foods are packed in 100% compostable material.

Seamlessly implementing this unconventional agricultural practice, in a developing country, came with it’s challenges due to the underdeveloped educational system. Bringing about other areas that needed attention. Gaining support from The Jane Goodall Institute, endorsing the Roots & Shoots program, Dhow began helping young students understand the importance of organic agriculture for human wellbeing & the climate. Allowing the next generation to conserve these skills to protect our natural ecosystems, adding value to the agricultural sector in Tanzania.

In the journey towards boosting the agricultural sector, consistent and measurable positive social impact has been vital. So far, Dhow have achieved installation of clean drinking water tanks at a school in Mkuranga District, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. A mere necessity that is so accessible for some, can be a great luxury for many.

Social initiatives like these are really the driving force for bigger positive impact. 

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