• Did you know Moringa is good for new mothers?!

    Did you know Moringa is good for new mothers?!

    We all LOVE moringa, but how does this miraculous superfood really benefit new mums?  Moringa Enhances Lactation - Moringa is considered a natural galactagogue that has shown to double breast milk supply! Lactation consultants actually recommend consuming moringa after child-birth because of it's effectiveness towards lactation and high nutritional value. A perfect whole foods supplement for women in the postpartum period! Reduces fatigue in new mums - With...
  • ChooseForIMPACT: Water Project.

    ChooseForIMPACT: Water Project.

    You Chose FOR Impact, We Chose TO Impact. One of Dhow's main mission is to create measurable social impact. This year we have managed to achieve installing clean water tanks at a school in Mkuranga District, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. A mere necessity that is so accessible to us, is a great luxury for them. A project that impacted almost 1,800 individuals, that includes students &...
  • Dhow Nature Foods Capsules

    Dhow Nature Foods Capsules

    We have recently launched a range of different capsules that include organic giloy capsules, organic turmeric & black pepper capsules, organic neem capsules and organic moringa capsules that are incredibly beneficial for health. Just as our superfoods, the capsules serve the same benefits. These capsules offer a convenient alternative to consuming your daily superfoods!  MORINGA Also commonly known as the drumstick tree or in...
  • What is Giloy? And Why is it good for you?

    What is Giloy? And Why is it good for you?

    GILOY Scientifically known as Tinospora Cordifolia, dates back to the earliest days of Ayurvedic medicine. In a few selected languages it can also be referred to as Gurjo, heart-leaved moonseed & guduchi.  This ages old herb is indigenous to the tropical regions of India. In ancient Aryurveda, it was an extensively used herb that is known as a supplement so powerful, that it is referred to,...
  • Benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet by Dr. Seeta Shah

    Benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet by Dr. Seeta Shah

    Seeta, a medical doctor, who has followed a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet for 5 years, shares the benefits she experiences with this particular way of eating.  WHAT IS A WFPB DIET? Firstly, let us understand what a whole food plant- based (WFPB) diet is. Isn’t that the same as a Vegan diet I hear you say? Well, not exactly… A WFPB diet...
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