Eat Like a Hadza? Baobab is the way to go

The Hadza are the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe in Africa, living in Northern Tanzania. Their ways of living have largely been abandoned by the modern world, and remain an important focus for research today.

File:Tanzania - Young Hadzabe hunter (14533463462).jpg

Several sources, such as Biome Buzz, state, one of the main source of fibre they consume is Baobab. It is also a Prebiotic with a very high soluble fibre percentage therefore helping gut health.

Baobab, also scientifically known as Adansonia. It is a tree native to a few parts of the world, including Tanzania. The Baobab in this part of the world is mainly used for its medicinal properties, but why don't we make it part of our daily diet?! The Hadza are a living example of the benefits the Baobab fruit serves.


About the founder of Biome Buzz

Judy has 20 years experience in the world of chronic inflammatory illness as well as a 2 years masters degrees in special education and nutrition. If you're interested in science, microbes or generally want to improve your health, follow her work and sign up to her newsletter.



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