Akashinga: A vegan, all female, anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe

The world's first, all female, anti-poaching community, called Akashinga, living in Zimbabwe, protects the land from trophy-hunters and poachers. The unit is part of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), founded by Damien Mander, former sniper.

Growing stronger and faster by the day, all members of the unit are fuelled by a plant-based diet. All cooked in the Akashinga, Back to Black Roots kitchen and garden by Chef Cola, or known as Nicola Kagoro.

This Vegan Kitchen in the African Bush Feeds an All-Female Anti-Poaching Unit

Chef Cola runs the Akashinga Back to Black Roots Vegan Kitchen and Garden.

"Funded by VegFund since 2018, the kitchen served more than 54,000 meals in 2019. This number is set to grow significantly in the coming years—the IAPF intends to expand its unit by 2025 to 1,000 rangers. Currently, it has 171 rangers, staff, and trainees."

This all female community just goes to show the vitality plant based living brings to lives, who thrive in the toughest jobs.

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